Bang bang no more

Aunt: "BTW - have you been reading the news on bangkok? I think no holidays in BKK for a long time. the whole city is in a mess. My friend and her family were there for holidays and there was riot and they shut down the international airport. So they had to travel by road to Phuket and take a plane home from there. Supposed to arrive today. Don't know if they got out ok. The protestors were firing guns and using golf sticks and batons to fight........really scary. The airport is still closed so all flights in and out of BKK cancelled! "

How..depressing. The only place which never fails to put a smile on my face is now in a mess. Was discussing with my aunt if we'll still be going there when I get back from the states but guess this is a big no. Sigh I miss everything about Bangkok from the people to the street food and the shopping and the sound from the streets. What has happened to you, Land of Smiles? Hope all goes well for you, YOU MUST STAY STRONG I WILL BE BACK.