Factory shopping here is.. insane. People here are insane!! My gosh they shop like everything is free and they find it hard to even walk because both of their hands are full of shopping bags. Especially at Ralph Lauren, they buy stuff like they're at Daiso and the queue is just, insane. I had my fair bit of fun there as well I love Ralph Lauren whoo. And they treat Coach like its.. Topshop. With the longest queue I've ever seen just to enter the store and they don't mind standing under minus 3 or 4 degrees in the cold with the bright sun. Insane!!! We'll reach NYC tomorrow and I want to shop so bad, the temperature has gotten lower but theres no snow so imagine the cold. Miss everyone. Did some thrift shopping today, visited the Salvation Army and some flea markets. They're pretty cool, the flea market was selling supermarket trolleys for only usd 15!! I wish I could take one home with me so I can ride in it all day. Miss trolley ries so much :( Got vintage shorts which need a lot of altering from the S.A and some bracelet for only a dollar fifty. Go thrift!