I am a bother. Why do the stars in the sky always seem to be so far apart from each other? Why are none of them ever side by side. Still, the sky here is beautiful though. Reminds me of you whenever I look up and I would tear. This is sad. Gah forget it. Must.not.whine.
Yesterday, today and the next 5 days are nothing but more attractions, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood Studios, whatever parks/worlds. This place is huge. I cannot wait for Universal Studios to open in Singapore, I think that would be pretty awesome. I spent my day there today and sat some of the best thrillers. Funny what I found scary was... some bloody slow dinosaur ride. Mainly because it was slow and up in the air swinging. TOO SLOW PLZ am scared of heights esp when it becomes stationary or too slow. But I just love thrillers. Esecially if its all dark then they'll zoom up then you suddenly go backwards and upside down then zoom forward and backward and down then boom suddenly theres fire and the mummy supposedly comes to eat you up "Death is only the beginning"~~~ then the pillars start to shake then you're upside down again all in a good minute. Ah dope. I never scream. The only time I ever screamed in a thriller was when I was with Genting with Hosanna because, she screamed like it was so fun so I joined in too and yeah it turned out fun so we screamed the shit out of us. Everyone was looking cause we were the only ones on the ride and we sat it over and over. Fun!! Sad to say even though I may in the best place on earth where dreams really do come true, its still sucks much because I'm with the wrong company. How...emo. But one thing I'm enjoying for sure here in Orlando is definitely the weather. Its cool here I can finally put myself into some shorts and feel it whoo. Still more on the chilly side here though.

On a lighter note. I have started planning my honeymoon. My prince and I will fly to Europe then New York then Orlando for all the amusement parks then we'll fly to Spain or the Bahamas and visit Africa. Ok sorry I know I'm starting to rant much. Eh at least this is better than 'Hi I feel horrible I want 2 die." ok as much as I have tons of things to let out nevermind I shall dream of turkey legs.

Fucking most sinful thing I've ever laid my hands on but this is the new shit I'm telling you.