Ok so I finally spent my wisma vouchers on this pretty Fcuk top we got tgt WHOO THIS IS FUN.

Best thing to look skinneh awesome.

I am disappearing why, WHY.

Picture of the day, MEOW.

I have yet to start packing and it scares me how I'm leaving on this very long vacation on Thursday where I know I'm going to probably spend most of my time alone thinking and thinking. Am weird like that because I tend to make myself miserable. Then everyone will start telling me, "you're so lucky you get to go!!!!" Honestly, with such a family who just can't get along with each other and the sudden appearance of the 'mudder', I expect things to be pretty much fucked up. 3 bloody weeks and a 24 hours flight to New York then we're immediately driving down to the Alantic City. And just going around and around touring other places before stopping by at New York then flying to Orlando. Think Disneyland with... your stupid 8 year old sister who just loves to get you in trouble and hates you. I am starting to miss people already.

It is my birthday this Wednesday. I like birthdays, they mean something to me at the very least so I somehow feel that its a very important day we should never forget so.... I really hope things turn out well. I keep my fingers crossed and tonight I will say the longest prayer I've probably ever said. Need some comfort.