I know I have this really sick face, especially before my flight. The hair, the eyes, the dried peeling lips. Because its so sad having to leave for so long and not looking forward to the trip.

Frankfurt, we never stepped out of the airport.

IS THIS the brooklyn bridge.. am not sure but it was so cold you can barely see the other end, all misty.

Hard rock

Am at Atlantic City now, its friday night..or should I say Saturday morning. 13 hours difference I forsee jet-lag over the next few days. Its freezing here, especially at Frankfurt, we arrived at about 5:30 in the morning and it was a fucking 2 degrees, stopover for an hour and it was so cold we couldn't possibly get out of the airport. I am not feeling this trip, seriously. Every single long journey I look out of the window and start to think. Not that I want to, I can't help it. I'm so far away, and I want to go home. Or sometimes I want to stay here and die here and be buried in the middle of the city. Or sometimes I want to just move to NYC (We landed at the JFK airport this afternoon) for the one thing girls look for, labels and love. Sadly, I won't be shopping over the next few days I'm afraid. We're driving out of Atlantic City early tomorrow and its going to be visits to different historical sites before we hit the stores, we're making a huge round around New York then flying out to Orlando. Still not feeling it. I fought with my sister today, she kicked me and hit me so I hit her back. I h8 my mum, the sight of her turns me off, I cannot remember when was the last time I spore to her. I can't get along with my dad or maid. I rather keep my mouth shut then talk to anyone.
Today we got our rented car, Toyota something. And we had Hard Rock for dinner, I really feel extremely fat.

I feel pathetic and I miss you.