I would say today started off pretty rough. We spend the night in Virginia and took the Metro down to Washington where the White House was and all the other museums. The weather, is getting colder and colder. My hands and feet are frozen. There was a 2 minute cat fight between me and who else...it was short because I ended up bleeding in the mouth and now I've also another scratch on my face ( FUCK YOU SLUT).
But things slowly looked up. I spent the day mainly in the Museum of Natural History where I would go wow over the animal exhibits. Think, Night at the Museum.. yknow the place itself is pretty amazing isn't it. Just that none of the artifacts came to life. Before that, I was ice skating outdoors after probably almost 1 and a half years of not stepping into the ice rink. This one felt different, must have been the environment, my mind was very at ease. We took the Metro to Chinatown for dinner because my maid missed chinese food too much. Omg never eat chinese food here, its so expensive. Our bill was USD 130?!!? Ok how about if I say a plate of just veggies alone is usd 12.. and the sweet & sour pork looked more like meat with an exra lot of food colouring. The food was nothing compared to what we have at home. Soup was good.
And ah the best part, shops!!!!!! I do not have a good eye for things. American Apparel is exactly like what it is online and just as expensive. Especially with the current exchange rate. And I got the perfect biker leather jacket from H&M, almost similar to the ones on Lisaplace, SJV, lookbook... JUST MORE BIKER-LIKE.More zips and studs. Whoo.
Tomorrow we're driving down 5 hours out of Virginia and stopping by at the factory outlet mall which will hopefully be good because I can totally picture it in my head ah heaven!!!! Otherwise... :(
Fingers crossed, no snow or we will never be able to get there, the weather forecast better be wrong. And again, good shops good deals plz! And and I HOPE MY PHONE CHARGER APPEARS 2NIGHT otherwise no phone for the next 2 weeks, and will need a replacement, perecttttt.