Am sleep-deprived.
I AM SO PISSED. Today there was light. Finally at last, hope, for a better vacation. The shops.
H&m, Urban Outfitters, Macy's, Forever 21. Coach. Ok I saw girls happily carrying their F21 shopping bags that was all. And I heard Coach ws around the corner.

But everytime I mention 'the shops' my dad avoids it, ignores me or just tells me ... to wait. Or say, siao ah we have to go. Need to go see these.. or that.. or that.. or take tourist shots.. or eat. Go need to start driving.. WALAO.

...And all my hopes were shattered.

So the only clothing store I've entered is Urban Outfitters. I do not see any clothes I like. Maybe I'm blind. I cannot afford other nice funny stuff. So I got these:

And another pair of black opaque tights to save me from the cold. If there are no clothes to buy in NYC or the factory outlets I will kill myself here. I want to come home with 20 'I Heart NY ' tees but its hard convincing my dad. And lets see if we can even hunt them down that easily for the better ones. I am really quite blind. Need some nice shoes. And a new bag. And American Apparel + H&m. And F21.
I am so bored. My mind is filled with nothing but you.