Just to say we're sorry.

This is what having 20 over birds over your head is like, that you can even reach for them. Reminder: Keep.mouth.shut

Took a ferry to Liberty Island.

Life here is hard. I see homeless and hungry people of all ages at every corner of the streets begging. And people trying so hard to get business selling everything or doing paintings or whatsoever, all in the cold. The underground is dark, quiet, cold and should I say scary. Once you're lost, you're lost. Guess I didn't get to see much these 2 days, let alone shop. This place is too huge. But its been an experience. From the fantastic view, the people I got to see, the crazy sales at Forever 21 (I couldn't find anything nice to buy wtf other than some tiny stuff), the food, the subways.. everything. I love walking alone along the busy streets plugged into my ipod then just enjoying my own company. My flight to Florida is at 8 tomorrow. So its goodbye New York City, you'll see me again soon and by then, it would be with the biggest smile on my face. I'll be back.