The one thing I learnt about being in the USA is, one can never do without cute panties.
So, am stocking up my wardrobe with these awesome sweeties.
2 more weeks before I get home and I am running out of luggage space plus, I haven't started shopping PROPER yet. NYC here I come! Am expecting the next 2 weeks to go by pretty fast so I guess I'll be home in no time. Its quite sad because I'm stuck inbetween, wanting to stay here and the other half, wanting to go home and see everyone. Staying here would mean serenity but honestly, it would be running away from many things I wish to hide from. We visited Howe Caverns today, very beautiful. And was travelling at the front seat of the car for a couple of hours. Today was one of the days where the past suddenly came flooding back and it made me tear, really miss the old days so much, I would die to have it back. Heartache.