I am so bored. So I shall show everyone the make-up I use ha ha.

I am a clinque freak.
From left:
Clinque high impact mascara which I usually forget or am lazy to apply.
M.A.C liquid eyeliner which is obviously an essential
Clinque double face powder in Matte Ivory which I usually apply after I'm done with the base. coming up in a min!
Clinque blusher which I hardly use as well.
Elizabeth Arden skin brightener which I apply on my bloody flat nose that I hate.
Uh clinque lipstick which I don't use because I hardly apply any gloss except for lip care because my lips are always peling and ocasionally they would bleed.
Lastly, my base also from Clinque.

I know my make-up doesn't seem like make-up. Meaning I look like I don't even apply make-up which is stupid, except for the liner that is. But still, I cannot live without these if I'm going out in Singapore. I don't really care about how I look overseas, need to relax cannot stress on how horrid I can look!!

Then last week or was it when we first got here ah whatever, I bought more clinque. Hahah I forgot to take a photo of everything, these are a few I guess. Decided to try M.A.C's pencil liner as well when I'm back so I got one. Ha ha but still go clinque!! I have no idea how much I spend just alone on these but hey they last long so I guess thats fine. Right?

This is the wallet I'm currently using. Sorry if you find it aunty but I love it, its like.. old school. I am currently working on a new look, think.. flashback to the 60's, the 70;s blahblah and TWIGGY! Long lashes, mod dresses, plaid, bows, babydolls. Ha ha and thats also my curretly favourite necklace. I shall think of someone's face to cut and stick his/her photo inside.

And some recent pictures:

Disneyland by day.

Disneyland by night.

Turkey leg yum yum sup sup.

Hahah Universal Studios.


Disney's Animal Kingdom had some safari thing so we got to see the wild upclose. After seeing this, I absolutely cannot wait to visit Africa, its gonna be a million times better I know it.

Yay ellyphants. And I saw baby giraffes too. And a cheetah.
Ok here are my favourite wild animals ha ha so lame but am bored SO :
Cheetah rahhhhhhh!!!!!! I like calling people cheetah.
Giraffes OMG.
White tiger MEOW.
Lion----- I FELL IN LOVE WITH ASLAN FROM THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA I WANTED TO MARRY HIM CAN YOU BELIEVE I WANTED TO MARRY A LION HAHAHAH. The awesome mane, his voice omg charming~~ hot hot hot! Speaking of movies, I need to watch Peter Pan sometime soon. Its my all-time favourite and I will never get sick of it. Jeremy Sumpter (Peter pan) was my first crush when the movie first came out, he was fucking adorable I would dream all day and night about him. Ok I can't think of anymore animals.

Going home soon :( So much to do when I get back as well, need to meet so many people and make a trip to the salon to dye my hair, need manicure- my neon pink nails and need to shop -.- I want to cry this is all a distraction, something's about to happen I KNOW IT I can feel it and I am fucking scared. I really miss you :(