Liberty Bell

Thomas Jefferson Garden

So we got on the pretty carriage. The horse's name is Teddy. Its a so called tour where the guy would tell us the history of everything we ride past. And I remember we past this very famous cemetry where National Treasure was filmed.

Some of these houses used to belong to various presidents and other extremely important people to the United States. You can buy a a place now, like I think I remembered seeing the house Thomas Jefferson used to live in for sale. Ok or maybe not. Memory is failing me. Anyway, they're usually very expensive. For an ordinary house around the street, start price would be USD 1m.

This is the building where the declaration of laws were made, bringing the United States together. Think.. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, something Barry or the other way round. All the important people from all over the world gathered together there to hold discussions. Almost everything remains like it is now. I think..

Yeah, Barry.

Teddy's nostrils.

2 hours drive after lunch at Kfc and we were at Baltimore, Maryland.

We visited the aquarium, these are some oF the better shots I managed to capture. Thanks to... basic lenses and bad lighting.

Cow fish

Its freezing, weather isn't fantastic from the rain almost throughout the entire day. Otherwise I would say drizzle. We're off to Washington tomorrow.

Why won't you get off my head, why is it so hard to get you off my mind. You're always there, glued there. I need you erase you and yet I want you to stay. You're everywhere. When I look out, its you. When I close my eyes its you. When I'm walking aimlessly around these beautiful places, I feel you, I think of you, my heart aches each time you appear you know that? But if I try so hard to keep myself occupied, not to think of you, the comfort or warmth isn't there anymore. Bloody hell, why. I need memory loss. I need to cut you out of my life like how you did. How did you do it so easily anyway? Do you even remember all the times we spent together, do you remember me?

Time to heal, Melody. HEAL YOU DUMB FUCKHEAD.