Plz Read

It isn't the comments that affect me the most, but what everyone else thinks. I hate to think that everyone assumes I love to whine. Why would I when everyone hates it and I'm agitating those around me and the people I love and care for? Its like, they all do not understand and yet they're just jumping into baseless conclusions which isn't fair to me. Its obvious that something i bothering me whenever I do so. Then you'll think, who the hell is sad everyday. She's just some bloody emo shit weird baby. Well, I am. I've said this before. I tend to make myself miserable because I think so much. Is there anything wrong with being emotional. Ok maybe I am too emotional. The only reason for that is beause, I really really really treasure my time I spend with people who mean something to me. And I remember every detail. You can go ahead and ask me, what was it like the very first time I saw Hosanna about a year and a half ago. What was she wearing. What was Hosan wearing. What time did we meet and where. The list goes on, to name others.

Do you know what I even go through, from the moment I wake up every morning? But then again, the world is unfair. I wouldn't mind how the rest of the world thinks now that I've said it, I mind what the people I love think because they are important to me. I want them to know that I AM doing something about it and trying my very best to make it better with extra effort, to make it up to them. I cannot afford to carry on being so selfish and losing them one by one just because of my bad temper or my mood. I know myself. I have my own plans, I have faith and believe in the future. Lastly, I believe wholeheartedly in God. So I know prayer works and everything that happens has a reason which is best for me. 2night another long prayer, need comfort..