You are all so mean and say things that make me sad. But I have already been thinking more positively. It just sucks because you have no fucking idea what its like here and you're as good as labelling me as an ungrateful brat. YOU CAN HAVE THIS DAMN TRIP FOR ALL YOU LIKE.
And because you know me, I AM EASILY AFFECTED I AM SENSITIVE from now on I don't see a point in having this space because I am not allowed to voice out because I am always whining LIKE HOW I AM NOW. YOU CAN HAVE MY LIFE DAMNIT see what you'll do about it, see if you like having people coming right up to you asking " Why are you so unlucky that shit always happens to you all the time" or then you'll realize what used to happen and what I used to do. Then look at how things are now, and you'll learn to be appreciative because I KNOW I am better now. And if you are here to laugh at how fucked up my life is, GO AHEAD I am so used to it.