Check out my schedule for tomorrow:
8am: Rise & shine!
1030am USA time: Check-in Delta Airlines for flight to JFK intl airport (NY)
300pm: Arrive at Jfk intl airport
700pm: Check-in Singapore Airlines to Spore via Frankfurt, Germany
600am still USA time (rough estimation): Arrive at Frankfurt
7am spore time: Hi I just landed in Spore.

3 bloody planes to catch, fucking tiring I pray I get the window seat or I will die. Sq is being a bitch online, the check-in details are so weird my name sems to be missing...

One thing I am really going to miss about the USA is its nature. Its awesome.

Waking up to a view like this at the back of your house is really a blessing. Well, that was for George Washington himself. My mouth dropped when I saw this, very heart warming. God's creations.

When I get home, I am going to eat duck rice, chicken rice, char kway teow, korean food, sakae, nasi lemak, Esteller 77, carrot cake, ba kut teh, curry fish head, har gao, pork ribs mee hoon, prawn mee, Ikea's spaghetti with meatballs and chicken wings, Thai express, Nydc's beef patty burgers...