Christmas, Not Merry.

Current playlist:

Between The Trees - A Time For Yohe
Between The Trees- Darlin
Midnight Hour- Running Away
Funeral For A Friend- Roses For The Dead
Acceptance- Different
Lostprophets- Always, All ways (Apologies, Glances and Messed Up Chances)

What about yours this christmas..

Everything has been a fucking drag, past few days has been nothing but my worst. I've a lot to thank Hosanna for, especially just watching me break down in the middle of nowhere, hearing me cry my heart out every night and morning, watching me stuff myself with food, trying so hard to make me smile again. Guess I've lost everything. I still mean everything I've said before I still hope you know. Am sorry for everything, am sorry for trying too hard, am sorry for scaring you away, am sorry for not giving this up. I am, very sad. So I might be on hiatus for awhile, really need time off to find myself and get work done. In the mean time, christmas is gloomy but I hope all of you enjoy yourselves. Back soon, xxx.