Lost for Words

Happier days are always a blessing to me but my heart feels more than empty because I just don't get this, I saw you as my friend and I loved you, I tried so hard to make it work when it didn't despite the mistakes I made. Why do you have to bear grudges and now, you're nothing but a two-faced hypocrite. This is bitter. I am running out of time and before I know it school's going to start and I have yet to start on my work. I need a day, out just by myself accompanied with a book and hot english tea so maybe I can just forget about everything else and enjoy my own company. My mind is going bonkers by each day with countless of thoughts filling it up. Tired of all this pretense, tired of having to go through it, tired of everything else. I wish I could be all you want me to but I guess as myself, I've already failed that task. So there is no longer any use in trying. But seriously, why does this always happen, to me?

And to the someone else out there who will never be reading this, I miss you a lot.