My failed attempt to be....Twiggy.
And no I didn't put twigs in my hair for inspiration Anamei HA HA.

Hosanna hair gain weight

WHO U??!

My pathetic dog face...

Fried wanton yum.

Har gao yum.

Pork rib mee hoon yum. Look at my tongue sticking out b4 the food even reaches my mouth ha ha ha.

Wah the tree got such green leaves!!! WAH WAH WAH.

I bought g string for Hosanna...

And cute bow necklace yay.

And I love NY tee double yay

Yay I see Clara after a long time

This is sex.


So I tried my M.A.C pencil liner and I didn't like it, smudge :@!!

I am obsessed with my paper bag.


Soon I started to cry and Hosanna still could make fun of me how emo.

Alien VS Predator

I hope I made a few people happy and put a smile on their faces yesterday I love you all v much. My lord I am so sleepy and I can't find my nail polish so annoying now I can't have my perfect neon pink nails :(