Saw Ambra again after a good few months. This girl never fails to make my day, the moment you see her, you are greeted with a huge smile and fits of laughter. I haven't laughed so much in quite some time. And Hosanna who should be on her way to the airport now. Perth for 5 days...which seems like forever. To think I was away for 21 days and it is already over. Sigh miss the states. Have fun & take care Hos I lava you life here is so different without you to role play my luver!! :(

Am falling sick...must be from the massive amount of fried wantons I've eaten alone this week, yesterday was three plates. The other day was two. And we had our crispy beef noodles again. yuuuuum.

Hi we are in Egypt.

I can be so unglam right.. I know.

Hahah wtf am I doing...

Bra started to dance again. Lets call it the Jungle Mama.

I have chubby cheeks :(


I have homework to do. Its driving me nuts just thinking about it. And if I don't start today, I won't get my allowance which means no $$$ :( so.... ok bye!