Still, lost for words but here are some pictures from today. I love sleepovers, we sleep on the same bed, we can share a pillow and a blanket, we laze around and then start editing pictures in the morning before having beehoon for breakfast. TELL ME ISN'T BEEHOON LIKE THE BEST SHIT EVER? Which reminds me... I lost my swim wear, I cannot exercise to make up for the massive amount of food I've been eating. I eat until I scare Hosanna. I eat because my mouth itchs even though I feel full. Everyday for the past few days I've been stuff myself with nothing but local food. Ha ha America hasn't treated me well when it comes to asian food. I get so excited when I am approaching the restaurant I start to jump!! My lord, I do have plans to head out to Chomp Chomp soon and see who can eat the most.... wins a trophy I make myself! Maybe I'll end up keeping it for myself -.- Late afternoon we have our shower and ten years pass, Hosanna isn't done with her hair. We do funny things like listen to 'Hey Jude' over and over again and go "NA NA NA NANANANA" then laugh like mad kitties at ourselves. Today we literally spent the day, eating. And shopping. I am dead broke, will you scroll down and buy my stuff please?

Every outing calls for an outfit photo and I am dressed in a shirt, a skirt, a belt, shuz, bra, panties and boy shorts yay.

Should really check this out:

What a beauty for almost only half the original price! I was so happy becuz thanks to my sharp eye I got the size S..otherwise we would have gotten two sizes bigger but still I screamed and jumped because yay its very me and I like it a lot. Thanks Hosanna mwah mwah.

We took the ladies by storm

I ate...Kaya toast and 2 plates of fried wantons for supper. Yay me.

Sometimes I really wish life was a lot simpler, then none of us would have to go through what we're going through now. I go crazy, I start to think then break down. Its disappointing you know, what life has out for us. Sigh. Ok I send my love to everyone out there, I bloody need a happy song right now. To whoever who may be reading this, if you have a happy song that never fails to make your day, LEAVE DOWN THE TITLE LUV U 2 DEATH GDNIGHT!