You Cry a Tear to Start a River

Today saw myself dressed up as a rich spoilt kid with the sexiest voice, perfect fit for a sex phone operator and ah I hate the runny nose how annoying!! So shopping we did a lot of shopping hence lack of pretty photos but this should be able to do the trick. Shall show you our new loots, am trying to make myself feel shopping!!!!! Which reminds me, a few weeks ago, I was shopping at Topshop and after I left I found out about 20 minutes later I took their hanger with me so hahahah everyone needs a souvenir right...I brought it home! Today my fastforward card got damaged for the third time -.- Topshop U SUCK. But thank God for the spending gift card I can just top up $$$ and spend it there entirely which I thought was pretty cool so yay me. Lets begin with an outfit picture :


On me: Polo and tote from Ralph Lauren, belt is vintage, leather slips from Topshop
On Hosanna: Acid washed jeans from Aussie, booties and necklace she got online, tank from supre, cardigan from Fep

I lava my new hairband yay



Christmas present from Hosanna yay thx lava u 4 lyfe!!


She gets the paper bag and I don't :(

YUMYUM last piece and I don't get it :(

Check out Hosanna's new scent she got in Perth!

Presents from Ausssie yay.

This is how sick and tired I am -.-

TOMORROW I need to start on my homework. And start planning my Christmas dinner, wine, roast chicken (sry no turkey for me) , potato salad made by yours truely, forest mushroom soup, roasted potatoes YUMYUMYUM accompanied by some wine and a good movie. You know I always love Christmas, but guess this year is gonna be quite a depressing one...again, this is all just a stupid distraction. I want to feel better soon, and I will so I SHALL MAKE A LIST OF THINGS TO DO IN 2009, sucks that this year is coming to an end. I hate how every end of the year, we pray so hard and tell ourselves that 'Next year will get better!" and it doesn't, just worse each day. I quite like my 2008. I want to back track to....October 12th. 12ths, will never be the same again :( I still lava u, 4 eva. I hate how sometimes I need to tell myself you're dead. Then cry the entire night because you're never coming back and I miss you. Which could be probably the only way I tell myself to move on. Hurts, that much. Do you believe me?