Major jet lag, I am bloody tired but I just can't get to bed. So today I went to Ikea to eat nothing but chicken and more chicken. I get dizzy spells, I can't bear the heat here my mao!! Just a walk around my neighbourhood and I never felt more worse as if I'm about to faint any time, or like when I was unpacking. I got some pasar malam food yumm. BTW I lost one of my new pairs of tights, I'm pretty sure I packed it in my R.L paper bag... then into my luggage. Now I can't seem to find it anywhere, perfect. Now my outfit will never be complete. Sucks ok suxxxxx I haven't even took it out from the packaging wonder if its somewhere in Orlando..

After Ikea I went to pick my dog from the pet hotel!! Poor thing, locked there for 3 weeks :(
She got a new haircut, super adorable!!!

My baby.

I have a few other random things to post, bear with me thx.

This is my annoying sister and she recently got specs which I hate. Sorry I look sick, mind you, been up since 4 and can't sleep :(

That day we baked cuppies..

Then I'll pack them into boxes for my friends after I bake them by myself.

I miss you :(

Ok plz buy my stuff am dead broke . Ciao!