16 (Very truthful) Random Facts About Melody:

1. I used to dig my nose when I was a kid and loved to play with my pisai. My nostrils were like a magic castle and I was so fascinated. ( Those days r over ok r u freaked out)
2. I crave for fried wantons, har gao, curry chicken and pork rib bee hoon at 3 in the morning.
3. My very first time taking an exam in P1, I peed in my skirt becuz the stupid teacher didn't allow me to go to the loo and I couldn't tahan any longer so it all came out.
4. When I was 13, I damaged a Ferragamo wallet and cut it up.
5. I will get unhappy if you steal my food, but I like to pick on people's food.
6. I eat very slowly as if its the end of the world.
7. When I'm feeling good, I tend to walk and take longer routes with music blasting into my ears.
8. Once, I sleep talked..and I was shouting "Fire, fire!!"
9. I won't get sick of playing my current favourite song on repeat, repeat, repeat even if its 100 times.
10. I colour my hair jet black at the salon.
11. Desiree tells me I look like a grasshopper when I jump. Hosanna says I look like a flying chicken.
12. I bared my nipples to my best friend.
13. I killed my hamsters by starving them to death because I didn't bare to use my money to buy them food when I was sec 1.
14. I look extremely overjoyed when I laugh. I luv to laugh.
15. I hate cockroaches, I will jump onto the person nearest to me when I see one. Or I will scream until I wake the entire family up.
16. I am secretly an emo punk ah mei -.-

Hai its your turn!