5 Things.

Little bits and pieces that somehow make a difference whenever I wake up every morning and am somehow able to manage a smile to myself.
Sill, love.

From aunt, now I can start baking like mad whenever I am sad. Or happy. Or bored. And when I achieve my dream of opening a boutique, I will expand it with my mini cafe. And mini runway, store must have huge ass sofa beds for me and friends to jump on!

From Shaun. This is my study buddy and I named it Cheetah even though some say its a leopard. But still, I named it Cheetah whatever it is and it is so comfy like a mini head rest, I have never been able to sleep so well in class. And with the double up, pencil case + pillow. Awesome.

Scarf I bought for myself yummy.

Hairbands and ties from Priscilla, Shaun, Hosanna and one I bought from America.

From Perth, thx Anna (Lulz)

This afternoon I looked through old photographs, months ago when I knew I was happy and I could smile in my sleep, looking forward to the next day. But now, over. Made me tear quite a bit. Need a new destination. Suggestions, suggestions. London or New York City?