I wish, life could be a dream. I'd be able to run it in whatsoever way I want. You'll be a part of it. And everyone else too. Am sorry, for the lack of happy, adventure posts. As usual, things have been stagnant. But I have random pix from everywhere and nowhere taken here and there recently over the past 2 months. So here you go:

That day we spent hours at Ztamp talking and talking about everything online, to clothes and our lives. Miss you girls, much.

Regina brought me to Chinatown for hidden cheap stash, shopping was good that day. And I absolutely love open air coffee shops in the evenings. Yay adventures.

I want this year to end soon, it has started off pretty rough with me. Once I'm done with school this year, I swear I'm going to travel all over the world. Hk, Nyc, London, Paris, Africa, Cambodia, BANGKOK (Fucking hell I miss you so much), Bali...When I get my video camcorder, I will take you all on video adventures with me. Think travel expereinces and random silly things, I think it will be fun! Ok and I will start my own food documentary. Cmon, who doesn't love Laksa so start with? Chant it out loud with me.

I am so glamorous, I know I know.

Marshmellow teehee.


Shopping for new sandals whoooo.

Evenings @ Spinelli drinking tea again. Tea is another thing that keeps me going everyday especially whenever I feel so lethargic and sick of everything. Just sip tea and ahh I feel a hell lot better. Maybe you should try it, because coffee isn't very healthy and I hate coffee.
Also, Polariod is driving me nuts just thinking how I'm running out of film every time I push that green button on my Barbie. They, just can't be compared to the fujifilm instax minis as much as I love them still, but sigh. And I'm limiting the photos I'm taking from now. I want to have a fifty-fifty of happy times and outfit photos. If you get what I mean..

That is the book that had never failed to keep me going, giving me the comfort and serenity I need. And I look through old photos and smile to myself, they tell me how badly I need time travel.

Other days, I spend quiet time alone enjoying nature around me.

My ka cheng

I have been repeating my outfits because I just don't bear to wear my stuff, like you know, how the day doesn't feel that special enough for you to wear your favourite top or dress? Or how everything is a drag, you just can't be bothered, you grab something to change and go. And when you're out, you look so sick, everything is a headache, you get so annoyed. Because, just nothing seems to be working well even from the simplest 'What I'm Wearing Today" to start with. Sux plz. Why do I seem to be typing an essay -.- My lord.

My pretty roses are dying :( Tied the bunch up and its now hanging by the window to dry. Probably going to pressed them under an old book.

Magix castle where dreams come true :(

I know I sound so unlike me, I am feeling pretty weird myself. This whole thing is a starting to become a cycle, and thats something I need to get rid off very quickly. Deep breaths, luck, hiding, running away or forcing a smile to myself aren't going to save me from what I'm about to face all the time. I want things to get better, I was so eager to fly off somewhere nearby just take a break, clear my thoughts and have some fun but time really had to be a bitch so I'm not going anywhere this weekend. Have plans to fly off to...in a few months because things just seem to stay the way it is and I hate it. Guess it will be my little secret for now, won't tell anyone when or where I'm going even if the list of places I can fly to, for the fact that I need to go to school is short. It'd be a really good short break, just what I need. Sigh :(