Starting on homework the day before school started.

Hair like fountain and....pearls!!

Harro Kitty instax shots.

We had a party while I did my homework...DO U LIKE MY MASK?

Between the Trees playing on repeat.

-Everything's moving really fast and fuck everything. School is a bitch, test and exam dates all out, AEP starts next week every single day, 2009 spells nothing but hectic thanks to the motherfucking O levels. And it all just started, hopefully all this can distract me and keep me occupied without having to go through anymore of those breakdowns and what not. Seriously! My God.
- Am broke, have been spending recently on food to stuff myself but apparently, I lost weight and Hosanna says I look sunken. Shopping shopping and shopping, will share with you all my loots soon.
- Still, I am sorry. Even if it means nothing to you. But at the very least, I know I'm handling this a lot better than how it started and I'm feeling good about it. Hope you're doing well, guess you are.
- Need a fucking breather from school, just the first day today and assignments all piling up to be handed in by next week, fuck school. Am fucking tired. I very badly want to ride a horse.
-Today, cravings satisfied. Missed good old canteen food at school for recess and my crispy beef noodles, curry chicken and fried wantons for dinner with bunnylee. YUMZ.