During my short break of "finding myself", I've had my boring days and I love to play dressup. Run out to take a few quick pix then tadah! Thats what you get. It will be nice if you can tell me what you think of them. I haven't worn most of these yet so I thought it'd be fun to show you some of what I've bought recently and some which have just been stuck in my wardrobe ages ago. (I take a hella long time to wear my stuff, seriously) I have the tendency of planning all my outfits. I have tons of notebooks full of outfits I already put together or outfits which I need to have. And I won't get bored writing them over and over again. Guess I'm just weird like that, anyone out there like me? And this white wall is starting to get the hang of it as well.

Feel special day...probably a shopping day and a day I'll feel good and wear new VS panties to go along with ha ha -.-

Kindergarten checkered skirt grandma made for me, reminds me of good old days. Paired with my all time favourite wardrobe must have, a leather jacket. My best buy from my trip to the US, cheap and comfy!! Only usd 50 yipee.

Sick of the plain block bandage skirts so tried something new, floral prints!

Another feel good and special day outfit which, I know I won't be wearing anytime soon. Has to be an ultra special day. And this would be my version of the LBD..

Aye aye sailor girl! Luv the blue. When will I ever get to sit on a yatch...

Casual lazy days, my good ol' denim jacket I got from passing my first emath test last year for $144 from warehouse which became on sale a few weeks later -.- MY LORD.

It is back to school life, officially from tomorrow. Have ten chapters of math which I'm supposed to complete by tomorrow over the holidays...which I left untouched. Thats a bloody 200 questions not including all the different parts my God. And 5 new paper articles, with reviews and ok thats enough to just strangle me. Not forgetting all the other worksheets from each sub. Wanted to stay at home and get some completed but oh hay 10 questions in 3 hours doesn't seem very productive. Did a bit of shopping during lunch and I can't believe I actually bought a hat. Am not a hat person. Broke after spending another 104$ on film. Ah anyway, tomorrow spells trouble in school, can't.freaking.wait.