Oh Hosanna in the hi-highest!

Met my baby for a short while today, dinner at the same old place, pork rib bee hoon and fried wantons double order!! Yumm. My life, is boring. And its not going to get any better in time to come thanks to school and all. I'm puzzled why I've recently been feeling extremely tired so easily. But ah, anyway, I hope everything in life gets better, for me for all of you! Need to get hold of some polariod film FAST, depressing that they're running out and people just jerk up the prices so unreasonably. I just love being able to snap little shots of happy times in my life and waking up to see them everyday. Happened to find a spree going at only 26 a box, am so going to get a few boxes!

Oh by the way, I'm selling my River Island leopard tights.
I've only worn them once, so they're in perfect condition with no defects.
Already sold out in stores so am letting this go at $27 mailed. Email me at chanceuponlove@gmail.com if you're interested!