Ramen, cha shu!!!!!! Ha ha HI I got to see Hannah after the longest longest time last night at dinner with Hosanna which was pretty awesome, again I scared them with my weird eating habits and massive appetite. Past few days have been hella tiring, workshop at school straight from 8 to 6 but I can now totally visualize my dream and life which is really heartwarming and manages to keep me smiling to myself for abit. And ah yes, 'Fire, fire!" call at 4.45 in the morning -.- Nice joke. Imagine you're sound asleep then your phone won't stop going on and on, and "Heloooo" "ZHAO HUO LE ZHAO HUO LE!!!!...(laughter at the back).."

Ah yeah, I brought out 3 cameras with me last night and made a few food documentary videos which are fucking hilarious HA HA SHOULD I POST you will get to eat the second best ramen in Spore!! And see how good it really is.

Then we headed to the 24 hr hypermart and neatly arranged the cereal boxes to take photos like this, and I got pushed in the trolley again awesome. Heheheheh I cannot do without them.

Happy kidz.


So this came in the mail yesterday and I must say Nuffang is very efficient. I sent a ticket enquiring the rest of the few hundred I earned over the past few months and they replied immediately so I'll be receiving it in a few days, Nuffnang all the way!!!! Its like money dropping from the sky, time for some shopping. I am late need to trim eyebrows, do bleaching, get in the shower change, make up and all, have a great weekend everyone!!!!!! I send mai luv mai luv.