Gotta Spend Some Time, Love.

Today holds very significant value in my heart, I shall never forget today becuz... I GOT MY FIRST DESIGNER HANDBAG WHOOHOO!! A Louis Vuitton entirely on my own! Ok maybe not entirely on my own thanks to Nuffnang who probably paid near to 75% of the bag for me oh mai Lord I LUV NUFFNANG tonight I am going to sleep with my bag and tomorrow dream of my bag, and in school sing about my bag.....hahaha OK you have to understand as this is the start of something!~! BIG. I mean, I do have plans for the future, and every little thing I do right now, or the way I behave plays a part so, just you all wait! Wink wink Hosanna. Ha ha happy the moment I stepped out of the store I skipped and pranced and jumped and twirled in cirles and danced abit and kept going HI HI HI. Awesome.

Feast to celebrate the special occasion.


My nose is almost...not there :(


Massive instax spam in 7 minutes whoohoo.

My dear hamster treats me to MOF to celebrate as well, see how important today is!!!

Ok toodles! Hope y'all had a good day hehhehheh.