Start Something,

I've been thinking about quite a number of things of late and when it comes to the net, thanks for some of your kindest comments, seriously. Not just the comments I get on the blog, the stares and the weird looks when I'm out, weird emails I get, and sometimes even text messages. I am not nonchalant to the things around me and neither am I a dumb 3 three year-old, I know what some of you think of me, and probably the things you say behind my back. I am sorry if I have ever offended you in any way before, or if you hate my space, the way I blog, the way I dress, my pictures or if I appear to be boastful, selfish, weird and just simply ugly that I am hurting your eyes.
I have feelings I hope you know that. I may be a little different, but thats what makes me, me and I am content being that way. I don't see the need to change myself after hearing or seeing the things you may say about me because I know who I am, and my real friends do too. So what if I love this or that? So what if I appear to be a spoilt brat to you or if I seem to be such a fake. I am blunt with my words and expressing myself can be quite a task for me at times, I tend to bring it out wrongly. I apologize for that. But the things you all can say really hurt and they just stay there. You think I just look at them I laugh at myself all the time? Not really. At the same time, I agree that this is something hard to avoid with XXXX people visiting your blog daily, I do feel I'm being watched sometimes and it can get stressful but this is something I enjoy to do and I am not going to just stop here, I have so much more ahead of me, ideas filling me up everyday so maybe one day, my fashion dream will really come true.
I am not rich, I'm not the best dresser around, I am someone just like everyone else who goes through what you all go through like school, family shit, times where you're so broke you're down to 87 cents in your bank account and you need to start selling your clothes away, otherwise borrow from a friend or two to buy food for yourself, I laugh, I cry, I feel happy, I feel sad. So why do you need to label me as someone so... I am lost for words already. I just hope you may understand I'm someone out there just like you, and I'm going to stay being myself because that makes me who I really am and what you may say will not stop me from following my dream. This is my personal space and I can type whatever shitload I want, but there is always the other side of me, and that applies to everyone else too, that really shows my inside. I also thank my friends who are reading this, for simply just bearing with me all this while, hearing me whine or when I come up to you out of no where with my arms open wide and a sulk on my face, in need of a hug. Being there for me and allowing me to cry my heart out and just being the company I need after everything that has happened recently. I've changed in a way or two, but I think I'm a hell lot better now and its thanks to all of you that I am what I am today. And I love you all.