Mellow Balloon Day


Prince charming~
Gd results~
Fashion success~
Dream bag~
Happy fwens~



My turn!

Me likey~


Our magix balloons.

Ballons naughty keep wrestling in the wind.

Legs like turkey... :(

This is why I hate my eyes. Oh and Miley Cyrus OoOoh its Hannah Mont@nn@ or however its spelt. INSULT CHINESE YAH I HAVE SLANT EYES GO AND DIE U SING THE MOST STUPID SONGS. Even Anamei says my eyes are a nut :( I think I can win a Miss Oriental pagaent.

Magix Mirror.


Last balloon for everyone else! PEEZE OUT YO.

One of the balloons flew away so, we were left with three. Started jotting down everything we wanted and obviously when it was my turn, it was hard to just stop there. I can be greedy but material things aside, we all clearly know how important they mean. Slowly let them go, and I know my little prayer will be heard. An angel will find our balloons! Because thats what they do. Right?

Ze mordel wif e nahse nose and ze lips are so ze boooootyfuel.


Shopping...yellow bag day.

Hi I should be doing geog now look at the time damnit... H8 developement -.- Look at the time :( Feb has been very suckish and I don't expect March to be any better with the exams coming. Hopefully I'll be able to fly off somewhere nearby for a short break in April. Am stuck with quite a to-do list, I'm sorry but life doesn't have much to offer me at the moment. This space seems to be getting pretty redundant and my god how much better can I get with my words?

*ps Stop smoking sherms. SSFS FTW!!