One, two, three..

I heart mah ballz.

Rum & Raisin!!

Mah babiez.

I heart mah froggie marshmellow and the way you eat your ice cream Dez...


I swear to God, Dez, your nose, is the power.

You want to compare?

TO SKY BOAT!! I am your hostess speaking...

I know, I'm very flat.

Hiax, the nose.

Kenzo says NO DRINK :(


H8 mai teeth :(


Mah dawg.

1) Thank you all for your comments, I feel much better now. Probably spent yesterday reading them over and over, they really made my day and I thank each and everyone of you for taking your time to leave such comments, I feel extremely flattered :)
2) Thurs got test!!!!!! And I lost mah notes :(
3) Breast is leaving on Friday...MOFFIES ON THURSDAY.
4) Need to bake must earn extra income to fund mahself.
5) Need to be up in 5 hrs :(

Oh and today, the worst thing had to happen. I fell asleep during POA and woke up when I heard my friend's laughter. OK SO the entire class was laughing at me becuz......maybe you should try to imagine it yourself its really quite bad. *PS I wasn't drooling. And I was sitting upright, head facing the book which was on my lap. Ah oh mai lord. I think I can do a demo. Sorry I know, this space is lacking of something juicy. My exams are in three weeks and I'm not a single bit ready :( Must do well, April must fly. I have nothing to blog about maybe you should give me a few suggestions because I haven't been exactly feeling, right.

6) Sigh :(