I think I just bought the ugliest camera... but who cares I love the shots it takes! Much better than the wallet sized ones, I can't wait to get it on hand, and the best part is, film won't run out so double yay!

I'm luvin this scent thank God its mine now.

Today, was rather interesting. I collected my hair growth shampoo and I couldn't wait to get in the shower, was so excited to bathe ha ha best I know. And Hosanna was immediately asking if my hair grew HAHAHA hallo hair and bean sprouts are not the same -.-

I'm trading all this expensive face make-up for...minerals apparently.

Something, healthier I hope.. gah the amount of money spent alone on just cosmetics makes me go wild. The brush alone is double the price of the concealer 0.0

And I bought the cheapest pair of heels today in 4 minutes. Walked in to the cheap store, searched for what I had in my mind, found it! (It was for this one outfit I want to wear hence small budget...) Tried it on, walked around in it..OK then mine! And I walk out with the ugly paper bag. Ice cream @ MOF with my aunt and today wasn't too bad I have to say, we have nice chats which I love. She is again, flying off tomorrow to yet another destination so I know you'll see this have fun I lava you take care rememeber my bikini!!!!!!!!

Sorry for lousy pix in this post, am lazy to take nice proper ones and edit them. Ok update again soon, can't wait for the weekend!