Yay I get to see Leanne after so long again, I miss you Leanne we must have our meeting again soon got a lot to tell you!! And you look like a doll :) Today = MOF + Bee hoon, fried wantons, har gao, and muah chee + Marshmellow froggie + Rum & Raisin ice cream + HI WELCUM TO SKY BOAT I AM YOUR HOSTESS SERVING YOU FOR TODAY ON YOUR FLIGHT + Nine West for shuz~ + Homeclubz + Instax. I have pictures... but they seem pretty boring to me. PLZ TELL ME WHAT I SHD UPDATE ON I have to admit blogging has this kick which can get pretty exciting at times. One day I will be... ~~~

And before I forget we do share quite an obvious secret I must say. Awesome.