Dez I think of you when I wear them ok, how much do you luv me man.

I love Moffies!!!!!!

Its 2:30 in the morning right now and I need to turn in soon but I've so many thoughts filling me up I want to explode so I'd probably take this chance to say it out here.

To a very small group of individuals out there:

I'm still going to say how I feel about this issue whether you may like it or not. Or whatever shit you may say about me after reading this. I'm sorry I have something against people (Not anyone in particular) who continuously comment me or other online people asking where we get this or that from. I do mean, every single post. And each post, the same person who just carries on asking on almost every single item. Then when we ignore, she carries on, or goes on to the next step, which is...ok I'll talk about that in abit. I mean, its okay to ask where we get our things from but you don't have to do it so continously like every single post it can be somewhat annoying because you are the same person. And you're not doing this anoymously, we know who you are. Then, ok this doesn't apply to me but like I said I have something against them so it just turns me off likewise...they add these online people probably on Facebook or Friendster or Msn and talk to them as if they know them so darn well. "Meet up soon!!!" "Omg, I can't wait to see you again and take pix with you!!!!!""Are you going for -inserts whatever gig or rock concert here-!!!!" "I love your piercing! Is it painful? How much. Ahhh I want it so badly!!!! I want this and that piercing too blahblahblah" Or when buying stuff, when clearly stated, NON-NEGO..I think I have to at least repeat it to her about 3 times before she agrees on the asking price. Before that "Oh really non-nego, I've purchased a lot from you before!!" Why do you think we state non-nego in the first place, hello? Ok ok then, once the person gets hold of the online girl's number, she can text her everyday regarding things which have absolutely nothing to do with the online girl, or she will start asking where to get this and that again, otherwise ask the online girl out when they clearly, do not know each other. I think, you want to make friends, yeah sure I'm fine with that, but there are better ways of doing so seriously. Do you even know how the person feels about you? And we, being the online people, can tend to feel bad sometimes because it leaves us in a position like "Uhh..OK" I'm sorry but its just plain weird. Well this is simply how I feel and I've also discussed this with a few friends before, if you think I'm being quite a bitch here, I can't stop you. Plz, change OK!!!!!! This makes my hair stand and wah piang eh it does freak us out. EVEN THOUGH AGAIN I REPEAT, I am not necessarily affected in a few of the above mentioned.