Friday, The 13th.

1) 2) Today we are dressed like this,

3) Happy breast 123.

4) Breast bought me macaroons yummm.

5) Puts me in laughing fits.

Many adventures we've yet to set sail for, love you for life, thanks for the today's treat! Fridays will always be my favourite day of the week. Today's Friday the 13th didn't turn out too bad at all. How about you? Am guessing that quite a number of you would have started your short one week term break, have fun you all! While I get myself all dizzed up in my mountain load of books. *Ps...exams for one and a half weeks straight immeditately when school reopens, how depressing can my life get man. Sucks to be me. REALLY. In need of some shut eye so toodles for now! I send mai luv.