Happy Times.

What a cool bike. Anyway... this pretty much will sum up my Friday the 13th I spent with breast. Our partial happiness lies on one woman now, and tomorrow we hope to know the final decision she will be making. I think the moment I see her, I should give her a little wink and all sorts but ah for now, seriously! Fingers crossed, am gonna say a long prayer tonight. My favourite note book I use to jot down all my outfits with magix castles all around it and my fav instax shots from the Brick wall shoot got stolen in school I think :( I have a pic of it I took some time back must show you how pretty it is! But, its gone. So lots of things to be praying for. I know you're happy, I want that to stay that way for as long as it can last.

BTW, how do you like the new UPPED standards of road crossing pix! And breast's magix picture with triple Hosanna. It was magical, what a magical night, hope you all had a good weekend! I want to watch Slumdog Millionaire :(