"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"

I am hurting.

Coolest book I've ever flipped through I would say? Aunt borrowed this for me from the library awhile back. Small things like these which keep me going. Sorry if I'm starting to sound like a bore. I am so tired and I'm starting to have weird dreams, its freaking me out. No pix, no nothing, life really really really has nothing to offer at the moment, even I'm quite sad about it. Plans....seem to be getting nowhere, sigh. Feeling empty at heart and lonely. Everyone seems to be going away from me double sigh. Where are you all? :( I wish I could change things, I wish time would go backwards, otherwise forward in a split second. I can somehow see myself probably in a long time being at my best then. *Ps Happy Birthday Hazel I send my luv.

Anyway, I'll be back, soon. Take care! Xx.