Working out ze graphs for sound waves ~

This Batman is always in my pencial case, I leave it at the front of my desk in school, its like IT MUST BE THERE or everything just feels wrong, especially when its doing work ugh.

We had a make-up session b4 that and Dez did smokey eyes for me as an alternative to my thick eyeliner whoohoo you like?!

Today's breakfast! Wanton mee + hargao!

Mah whale + heart

Sam's croc!

Today's lunch... and fascinating chicken which tasted horrid.

Dessert! Rasberry (L)(L) + Dark chocolate (L)(L)(L) + Caramel (Caramel sux yuck -.-)

New skirty~

Hazel decided she wants to zhng her already very bimbotic phone, ah galz -.-

I spent yesterday and today being an emo baby which meant retail therapy plus tons of food and abit of tears. I really hate how my dad makes himself scarce when I am about to make payment at the cashier, he will be nowhere to be found. Today, I created a chart to monitor my hair growth. Sorry I won't share where I got my shampoo until I'm 100% percent positive about its effect. Hair isn't growing 45% longer than it should be as stated on the bottle. I'm rather annoyed. The seller seems to be MIA as well so... Anyway, I won't be updating very much for awhile. So take good care you all. I am now going to spend the rest of my night on the thai pillow mat reading The Secret for some extra motivation to do better.