Today has been well spent, us four's first proper Moffies outing. We have dinner at Din Tai Fung while I get mesmerzied and excited over the food and share with The Secret and the steps to The Creative Process. Typical Melody getting all excited over that book. And I've been telling all my friends everywhere to PRAY PRAY PRAY. Ok so friends, please continue praying luv you all!!!! Anyway, also today, I bought a nose clip for 70 bux -.- And apparently when I came home to use it, the screw came off but I still tried it on anyway. Annoying much but omg I can't wait to see the effects!!!! You can click here to check it out! Hope all goes well, fingers crossed. Otherwise I shall ask for a new piece...So how are all of you doing? I have been uninspired to dress lately and been living on nothing but stripes. Hosanna and I them in all sorts of nautical colours (sometimes too similar even) and designs, our wardrobe is already filled with stripes. I love them all to bits and I'm not close to getting sick of them, they're so mellow and comfy. So go, aye aye sailor girl! We need to make our own boat to row and have a picnic I think that would be pretty awesome. More pix in abit! Bye for now, keep safe! :>