Still in celebration of her tenth (Ps, not the doggie years) She has quietly watched me grow out of my pink checkered kindergarten uniform then primary school and now I am turning, 16 this November. Ten years with that pooch and I don't understand how she manages to look this pathetic in front of the camera even though she hates it and runs away the moment I approach her with my Canon. How's school for you all! My exams are going the drive the shit out of me plans of getting away for abit right after I'm done with them. The only good thing about them is I get to go home right after the papers and just in time for me to catch Ellen Degeneres!!!!!!!! My lord I absolutely love that woman, someone should watch it with me and see the way I laugh, with my feet kicking in the air and the very contagious laughter alone is enough to make you go 0.0 hahaha I love to laugh I think my life would be drastic without laughter.

Am currently hooked to Chester French.
Check them out on here on myspace! They're pretty new. Let me know what you think!