People ask what goes behind the photos...

Settle down settle down.


Ok get ready, final touch-up.

No no shaky. Unedited.

The result.

11pm, touch-up on hair and make-up in the dark, lights out.
Playin with mah tongue. Need to get grip on slope.

Still playin. And trying not to slide off.

Touch-up again.


Halfway through the shoot there was this cockroach.... so I start screaming and frantically grabbing my bag and still screaming.


Here is the rest of my day before that evening:

My saturday evening having a whale of a time buying make-up and getting mesmerized by how the artist blends the colours, loved it. Breast and I wore the same shoes by accident we then had a bit of tea-time, more shooting, Earth Day candle lit dinner while I make my wish and blew off the candles when the lights went back on, 5 minute interval for each calamari ring which resulted in we being the last to leave, talking and talking, shooting in the dark and excessive cabfares. Oh and how do you like my new blazer with the gold buttons! See you.