Went to visit Regina @ Ztamp to play!!!

So we started doing funny things in the store and the people outside were like 0.0!!
Like we were halfway between dancing or should I say walking like a chimp?

Regina, I think I look so good with the cashier, rmbr to out in good words for me to the boss!

I luv yr jap words Amanda!!! Thank you luv you meet again soon! SEE YOU IN HEHEHE.

I have quite a problem with myself. I think its really time I put thought into how important it is to love myself but girls will always be girls, yknow...inferiority complex. Ah well, I have also no idea why I've been so lazy to dress up lately I just, "OK!!! Today shall be a casual day so I can repeat an outfit!" My wardrobe is stocked up mainly with new clothes, I just won't wear them because I don't bear to. I'm like, waiting for just the perfect day for that perfect outfit, how many of you are like that?! So don't you realise you never get to that 'perfect' day and the clothes just remain there in your wardrobe with the tags still attached? Sigh, GALZ. The best part is how excited I am to actually wear that outfit and I visualize me happily skipping in it during a major shopping spree or that awesome photoshoot or that perfect date with some girlfriends yadayada. We all know how much I love to plan all my outfits, speaking of which, time to get a new notebook since my pretty castle one got stolen :( Anyway, I think the slack could also be because, the weather recently has been all gloomy and my exams begin this Monday. Ugh, I have no idea how I'm going to complete even studying for them.

*Ps, Seriously, WAH PIANG OK!!! One of the girls I was trying to refer to in the prev post can actually make up stories about knowing some 'popular' person when she actually doesn't. She somehow claims to know her 'very well'. Eww gross!!!!

Oh and Hosanna got a new hairdo!! LONG STRAIGHT HAIR. Can't w8 to seee in person for myself!