Chanel Inspired

This is going to be, rant. So, how many of you have actually been lusting over this bag? Probably sold at some LJ shops and what not, at first I did love it a lot at first sight, it wasn't made of fantastic material or whatsoever but it was simple and something I would honestly much prefer to than the classic 2.55 (If you put both bags together for 2.5k, I would pay for this one, I love the 2.55 but I don't think I would carry it if you get what I mean, it just isn't me to start with) SO, I emailed someone about the bag and Hosanna actually got it for about... 30 odd? So I told the girl I'd pay 50 with registered postage. I knew she was making a hell lot so I got pissed off when she asked me to top-up an additional $9.50 for the bag (She claims the supplier is changing the material of the chains). Its like oh $60 for a no brand, material sux shit bag...

Anyway so I replied her mails and went on about how ridiculous it is for me to be paying that amount for something of no brand, and knowing how much the cost of the bag was, all the more I wouldn't pay 60. Obviously I too, went on about, she cheating us of our money. She got very angry and insisted that I apologise which I didn't. I just got the additional $9.50 transferred and went to Bangkok. Thank God for that because I saw a hell much nicer bag there and for slightly more expensive but it was worth it. Its genuine leather, and I loved the shape, this is the original bag I was lusting over after I saw it at a swedish blog. And the colour is towards a off-navy moss greenish thingy thing ha ha sorry I suck with descriptions ok just cut it short I loved it very much I was very happy with my most expensive buy in Bangkok although the woman refused to budge when I tried to bargain!!!! When I came home, I was hoping to receive the bag so I could sell it away, which I knew would be at a loss but today the girl's email totally made my day!!!!!!!!!!!! She decided not to sell it
to me because I refused to apologize, hello I will never apologise I know I wasn't very WITH ALL DUE RESPECT kinda shit to you but I think everything I said made sense and the whole thing was ridiculous to start with. (Sorry to those involved I tried my best to fight for it already ha ha) So I'm very happy I don't need to sell the stupid bag at a loss and now I have this one!!!!!!! 2NITE I SLEEP WIT CHU.

K pizz owt.