Here's just a short update. Today means something significant to me, it has shown me what time can do to a person. 2 years ago, I was nowhere near what I am today and now, this is me. So much has changed over the past 2 years and I miss the old times I would do pretty much anything to have them back again. My mistakes have taught me so much I think its time I start making something out of my life. I don't love it but I can't exactly say I hate it. My past two weeks were spent working my butt out under a whole pyramid of books. Thank God its over, really hated the panic attacks, stress, tears, 4to6 bedtime, and everything else you can possibly imagine. I was so really in need of a break so I was all set and ready to fly off for the weekend and welcomed Bangkok with open arms. That place, never fails to surprise me even after all my trips there, I just love it. And I love the familar faces I see who come smiling at me when I'm at a certain place. I don't think I need to get started on the food but Hosanna and I did have a whale of a time shopping our hearts out. I wouldn't say I'm shopping my life away and hiding a pile of shit inside me but I can't wait for the next trip and the next and the next, the thought of it never fails to keep me going. How was your weekend muffins! I hope you enjoyed mine as much as I did. Really loved the company :) Thx ah eluv you 4 lyfe!! I have lost my voice, again :( Pix soon! I'm sorry if this space is really starting to bore you but plz stay don't go!!

An hour ago, I mentioned time. And now, time has also shown me what it can do to a person until I no longer recognise him or her anymore. I'm sorry but I hate the new you. Go back to what you were the very first time I saw you, please?I hate it that I'm home..