Honestly, this time I am more than lost for words at the things you say, I can't say I am fuming. But hello, so what if this is the cyberworld? Who the hell are you guys to judge us like that? Do you know my personal relationship with my friends and the people I love? Do you know, me? Forget the way I carry myself, so if I happen to be having a bad day, you expect me to be walking gracefully like a little swan then be an angel and smile at you like there is no tomorrow. I don't owe you guys a living please, I live my own life the way I want to. I have mentioned this before, that I know about everything on-going behind my back, but this isn't going to pull be down or pull me and my best friend down? I may be materialistic, true. I love designer brands too much, I giggle to myself dreaming of them in class. But I am 100% sure that this has had nothing to do with Hosanna. I buy what I can afford with my own money which I usually work very hard for. I do not rely on my family to slowly strike off all my lust items off my wishlist. Please don't jump into your baseless conclusions.

All I can say is I do not think it is fair you judge us like this, just based on what I post on this very space. And all the more, what you think of my best friend, because for God's sake, you don't know her. You don't know us. You can say what you like about me, hell yeah I wouldn't stop you, its something we cannot avoid. But why drag Hosanna into this? Not every aspect of me is shown here, we all filter ourselves right? So what exactly do you know? What right do you have to jump into such conclusions about us. I didn't ask you to be here in the first place, this is MY personal space, I write whatever I want, I made it public so as to share some of the bits and pieces of my life. I wanted to prove something, because I don't think anyone would know how I've felt for the past few years. Is that anything wrong to do? I may not be all happy with the way I'm living with my life, but thats only because I expect a lot more from myself. This has absolutely nothing to do with the people I hang out with. Who have I become? I know I'm better, thats my point. I don't see a need for you to doubt that because you don't know me in the first place. Sorry man, if I have been such a disappointment to you all. Thank you very much for your concern and not forgetting all that sarcasm. I won't stop you from making a fuck out of your own life.

And lastly, to Hosanna, and to any of my friends. Nothing all these people say are going to stop us from being who we are. You don't have to listen to a word they say. Just know that, I love you all very much and nothing is going to change that.