My Good Friday on film :

Sissy went first.

Hahaha my maid and sis after washing up, classic only.

Everyone's favourite monster.

My bun has a mini tail sticking out..I KNOW.

-Am soon going to say HI to dream bag no. 2 with Hosanna! Shall shower it with love, care and concern it rightfully deserves, unlike someone...
-Tomorrow, the best crepe for lunch and CATS!
-Want to watch 17 Again..like Freaky Friday but funnier!! Still not a fan of Zac though..BUT HE WAS SO CUTE ON AMERICAN IDOL LAST NIGHT WITH THE BEANIE! Other than that.. ugh -.-
-Tonight, BA KUT TEH FOR SUPPER!!!!!! Am so sexcited.
-Need a prof photographer for something..help anyone?! Like a proper shoot. Search begins..
-Dreading Monday.. :(