My adventures in Bangkok began here, from 5 in the morning down my home..

Cardigan did a hell lot of justice to the comfort I have to say.

We got busy on the plane..

So excited when we landed like a small girl who just got her lolly..

Stayed @ Amari Watergate Hotel, directly opposite wholesale paradise!

Got a cab, METRE PLZ, getting through the massive massive traffic, reached the hotel, saw paradise, checked-in, got our rooms, drank water, played around abit, pee-ed then all set for shopping @ paradise!!

Only thing which slows you down in Thailand is the traffic, like we all say.

Back to the hotel to play with our new clothes teehee

Other than the local street food, one must never miss the huge variety of Jap restaurants all over, cheap + standards all worth the price yumyummmz

That night from the tuktuk...hallelujah to the ride of my life! We thought we were going to get kidnapped when the driver suddenly turned into a deserted carpark and another dark alley so we freaked out and were shouting "HELLO, WE WANT AMARI, WHERE YOU TAKING US, WE WANT OUR HOTEL, AMARI!!!"

Mango with sticky rice for supper that night! Headed down to the pool for a swim that night, stuck in the Jacuzzi with the huge bubbles vibrating our tummies, quote Hosanna, "When it bubbles until your skin is red and itchy, you lose weight YAY!!.."

Hosanna and I are your very typical Singaporeans, kiasu and excited for the buffet breakfast, running and skipping out of our room then pressing the lift buttons like no tomorrow. Sigh Singaporeans..

Wore my new heels down to breakfast!

BOOBIES! Ha ha but rlly perfect timing to beat the heat. Coconut is just refreshing.

Thanks for raining Saturday -.- Thank you, I got to see so many cockroaches and even a rat and had to sacrifice my new shoes then get a pair of cheap flipflops and the heat in the humid weather became unbearable.


That night we had the most amazing bubble bath in our new bikinis when we got back from Khao San, ah I love that place!! Anyway, we used up about more than half a bottle of the magix bubble bath and I really loved playing with all the foam and using the water gun to shoot each other's nippies! Oh and the best thing was Hosanna wore the bottoms at the top and thought the lady gave us a wrong piece -.- Left me in huge laughing fits... I love you, really.

Guess I'll end here for now, more in film, I have to wake up for school in 3 and a half hours :( H8 school h8 school, h8h8h8 school!!!!!!!! Fuck school :< Good week you all!