I know this space has been pretty blank, and so is my mind. Daily routines consist of waking up at 6 in the morning, finishing school at 5, nap for 2 hours, bed time at 2am. Eating and eating, not much work done either. Oh I'm wearing my nose clip for the second time since I brought it back home after it got broken twice -.- This is for my future of a sharper nose... -.-!! I'd probably really start working on this space somewhere in November, other than that, thanks for taking your time to come down here nevertheless. I promise something new and fresh by then, if you'll be willing to wait and believe in me?

Caught Cats at the Esplanade on Saturday, seats were pretty high up compared to my past experiences watching shows there so my sis was somehow smart enough to bring her toy binos which I thought never worked but it really did! And I managed to catch a glimpse of the kitties' make up and dance move properly at different scenes. Pretty amazing I must say.

My God I swear I was like falling asleep at the first half of the show, anyway the entire thing was from 2 to 4:45, including the interval. I was like, "WHEN ARE THEY GONNA START TALKING" And I had no idea what the hell was going on, all the kitties just kept singing and dancing and my eyes were just getting teary..I can't tell what they were singing as well but slowly started to understand towards the end of the show. Omg luv the hairy mad kitty and the dying one!!!!!!!! All in all, if you're gonna watch, the make-up on the kitties are pretty awesome. But the show isn't as fantastic as I expected it to be. SORRY I AM SOMEONE WHO NEEDS A BLOODY STORYLINE like when I watched Sound of Music or Chitti Chitti Bang Bang!!!!! Ok so cute! I admit I had no idea what was going on in Phantom when I watched it two years back becuz OK SRY I'M JUST SLOW!

Then I started running in my stupid patent heels, they weren't very high, 3 inches!! But they hurt my bloody feet so much. Rushing to pass my buyers their loots, hope you like them babies!! My God I was in them for about ten hours in total, running, walking and walking, standing then strutting in stores with the clothes I was trying on!!! (Settled for this perfect dress yay) So painful at the front (PATENT + PUMPISH + Aiya wtf!!) until when we were queuing for Astons, I couldn't take it anymore and waited for our seat barefooted with some slight entertainment from myself, racist jokes, kidz hand sanitizer and binos!! Then Hosanna was like, " Scully someone comments on you HI I SAW U TODAY AND WEREN'T WEARING ANY SHOES" Which turned out to be so true HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF.

See me without shuz..BUAY TAHAN!!!

Hand sanitizer so fun so fun.


Ok then binos became my new trendy earrings... -.-

My new make-up pouchie!! WAS TOO BORED FROM QUEUING.

Our dinner, steak!!!!!! Ok heard their standard dropped a lot :(


Look what came home with me after nearly 6 months!!!! Can't wait to wear you again since that picnic day whoo.

Ok I want to get new cam lenses!!! :(