That day before my depressing long weekend, where we conquered the empty mall. Running, jumping and skipping in circles:

Still not bored, next: Pontian mee!!!

I went up and down about ten times on the escalator, this is how much I rule r@wk 0n b!@tch!!


She's my new wig.



Alone in the hallway as always ~~


My days seem too long right now. I hate school :( April heatwaves are gonna make me melt, leaving me now, not as excited as I was before when it came to walking home alone. I love walking home alone with my ipod blast into my ears, I feel so comfortable and everything seems perfect as my favourite song plays on repeat and I'm in this whole different world living my dream. Sometimes I wished these walks never had to end. And I'm usually all sticky by the time I'm home which really suck. I complete my day with some Vouge otherwise, the Bible before I hit the sheets. Its nearly midnight, I am still bingeing on my favourite meat + rice (Sounds so cheena) plus some wine, depressed over how in dire need I am of retail therapy and how we are too comfortable with one another and me, just deliberately wanting things my way and saying the most stupid and immature things when it clearly kills me. I just take a deep breath and hit the send button and next thing I know, "Mel, you suck" to myself. Sorry Hoz. Cat, I really can't wait I am going to purrr and meow at you when I see you and demo to you how I can bark like a dog wuf wuf. And Willa, I am so excited to see the whole thing, you're such a dearie I swear to God teehee.